Do you know you and your family members may be unwittingly breathing in radon which will cause lung cancer?
Radon is colorless, tasteless and odorless. It has been announced by the World Health Organization to be one of the 19 major environmental carcinogens. It is also the second biggest factor triggering lung cancer besides smoking. Among the worldwide lung cancer cases every year, 6% to 15% of them are caused by radon.

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department did an indoor radon research in 1992/93. The result showed that among the 619 premises under research, 10% of them exceeded the recommended level for radon concentration.

According to the estimation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about 20,000 people die of excessive radon inhalation without knowing every year. This figure is more than the number of death caused by drunk driving.
Owing to the danger of radon, EPA has set January to be the National Radon Action Month.

According to the Canadian Lung Association, 20,500 people died of lung cancer in 2009. It was estimated about 10% of the cases were relevant to long-term radon exposure at home. The National Indoor Environment Supervision and Inspection Center has also stated radon has been the cause for more than 50,000 lung cancer cases in China every year.

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