Established in 2001, Homeasy Services Limited has expanded into a one-stop household service provider. Now we introduce a new service, “Home Inspector” (Home Safety Assessment and Improvement Projects), in order to help our clients live healthily and safely in their home.

Nowadays people’s requests for their houses are getting higher and higher, but at the same time, they have neglected the environmental factors which will adversely affect the health of their family members. These factors, such as radon, electromagnetic wave, VOC (volatile organic compound), bacteria and virus, cannot be seen by naked eyes.

Besides, infants/children and elderly may easily get hurt by the traps because of the bad interior designs and constructions at home.

Therefore, “Home Inspector” from Homeasy will provide different services for the above problems: “Radon/ Electromagnetic Wave/ Indoor Air Quality (VOCs) Assessment and Improvement Service”, “Long-lasting Anti-bacterial Sterilizing Service” and “Infant/Children/ Elderly Home Safety Assessment and Improvement Service”. These services divide into two parts. The first part is the measurements and assessments of the environmental factors to let clients understand whether their home is safe or not. Second, clients may select the improvement projects base on their needs, to make their home better for health and safety.

Homeasy designs the above services according to the different needs of clients, hoping to help them eliminate the adverse factors at home. If you want more details, please feel free to contact us via phone and internet.
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