1. Is there any safety level for Radon?
  Technically speaking there is no safety level for radon concentration, because theoretically one single alpha particle can eventually lead to cancers. The goal of Homeasy is to reduce the indoor radon concentration to 4 pCi/l or below. Most of the health organizations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, set 4 pCi/l as the “acceptable level” for radon.
2. My neighbour has done the radon concentration measurement before and got a low-concentration result. Does it mean that my home is also safe?
  The indoor radon concentration of each flat is different as the geology near the flat and the construction materials used inside are not the same.
To know if the radon concentration in your flat is safe, the only way is to do an individual assessment.
3. I had done the radon concentration assessment before and the result is below 4 pCi/l (acceptable level). Why does the concentration now become 10 pCi/l? Do I need the radon improvement projects?
  Affected by factors such as seasonal change, weather and wind speed, radon concentration often varies. If the concentration has stayed high for a period, then you need the radon improvement projects.
Electromagnetic Wave
1. Can we avoid electromagnetic wave? What is its safety level?
  Nowadays there are more and more electronic products and corresponding infrastructure. Electromagnetic Wave is an invisible danger.
According to German Building Biology, we are advised that in daily life we should not expose to more than 100 uW/ ㎡ high-frequency electromagnetic wave, more than 50 V/m low-frequency magnetic field and more than 5 mG low-frequency electric field in a long-term basis. These will harm our central nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, etc and even cause cancer.
2. I know there are different kinds of electromagnetic wave. Do they have different safety products?
For high-frequency electromagnetic wave and low-frequency magnetic field, the safety products are German YShield HSF54 Shielding Paint, Swiss Shield Textile, German YShield Window Film, etc.
For low-frequency magnetic field, the safety products are Magnic Shield Protective Board, etc.
CT Catalyst
1. Can I stay in the flat during the service?
  Yes, you are welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that high pressure spraying may cause rebound effects. Facial mask is suggested to be used.
2. When can I move in after the service?
  Use a newly renovated flat as an example. When the service completed, the amount of TVOC will dramatically drops 70% or above for a renovated flat usually. Meanwhile, 90% of TVOC will be decomposed in 72 hours after the service. Generally speaking, the level of TVOC will be decreased in a large extend. Its threat to health will therefore diminish. Therefore, the flat is ready for you to move-in after the service.
3. Do I need to conduct further cleaning after the service?
  CT catalyst passed various tests and it is certified to be safe, non-toxic and not irritant. Meanwhile, CT catalyst particles (300nm diameter in average) are evenly distributed on the surface of furniture, walls and every drawer as well. Thus, deep cleaning is not required.
Although general cleaning will only caused minor loss of CT catalyst, we do not recommend customers to do the further cleaning immediately after the service. If customers insist to do so, they should only use water for cleaning. After two or three days, the cleaning procedures can be back to normal.
4. I have already lived in my flat or my flat is renovated again, can I use the CT Catalyst service?
  Yes. But customers need to remove miscellaneous things from the cabinets which need to be sprayed by CT Catalyst, and use plastic bags to pack the things.
5. When should a renovated house conduct CT Catalyst Service?
  The service should be done after ALL the construction work are finished.
6. Can the wooden furniture with enamel-paint surface conduct CT Catalyst Service?
  Yes. But those with piano-coating cannot.
7. Can my curtains also conduct CT Catalyst Service?
  Yes, but please wash the curtains before the service.
Flu End
1. Can I live in the flat immediately after the service?
The ingredients of Flu End are pure natural. It has passed the AOAC standard and is proved to be harmless to human and will not cause allergy. Hence you can use the flat immediately.
2. Can I buy Flu End by myself?
  No. There is no Flu End in the market for citizens to buy.
Also, Flu End can perform the greatest effect only when together using the “Air Misty” (a very low-pressured and super fine spray system). With Air Misty, Flu End can reach every corner of a flat and sterilize in a short time.
3. How long is the validity period of Flu End? Does it need to be applied every day?
  For general flats, the validity period of Flu End can reach six months. No need to do sterilization every day.
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