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Saleable Area Charges
350 square feet or below $1,000
Over 350 square feet Additional Charge
at HK$2 per square feet
Additional fees: HK$80–150 up for each piece of furniture.
^ The above fee is only applicable for areas along the railway. Customers are responsible for additional traffic fee for suburb areas (such as Discovery Bay). Individual traffic fee will be quoted.
^ A surcharge of $100/floor will be charged for apartments without elevators.
# No extra charge on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays; first come first served.
* Deposit at HK$300 should be paid at least one day before the service.
** Cleansers include Blue Swipe Cleaner, Thinner, Turpentine, Cleaning Chloride Liquid, etc. Tools include hoovers, mops, dusters and window squeezes.The cleaning staffs are not responsible for specific cleansers. They should be provided by customers if needed.
1. All doors, windows^, floors and iron gates in the flat; surfaces of wall tiles, sinks, ventilation fans, range hood, cooking ranges, toilet bowls, bathtubs, washing basins, shower curtains, cabinets in kitchen and toilets; and the furniture requested** in advance will be cleaned during the service.
  ^ For the windows which are not installed with window frames, helpers will only clean the indoor part but not the outdoor part no matter using what kind of cleaning method. For the windows with window frames, when helper cleaning the outdoor part, they will only clean the parts which are reached by their hands. Helpers will not put their heads and bodies out of the window.
*If other furniture (e.g. wall-in cabinets, tables and chairs), light troughs and false ceilings also need to be cleaned, please make request in advance when booking the service. Additional fees $80-$150 up will be charged.
** All lamps and lighting will not be cleaned.
** For ventilation fans and range hood cleaning, customers need to detach them in advance; otherwise, our helpers will not detach by themselves and will not clean them.
** For electric appliance in kitchen, our helpers will clean the refrigerator (inside and outside) and washing machine (outside) only. Other electric appliance such as microwave, oven, etc, will not be cleaned.
** Helpers will only clean the outer surfaces and duty filters of air conditioners, customer need to detach the duty filters in advance; otherwise, our helpers will not detach by themselves and will not clean them.
** Ceilings and walls (includes wallpapers) will be swept by dry cloth. Helpers will not polish with water or cleansers.
** Only marginal amount of paint stains and cement stains will be cleaned and they are not guaranteed to be cleaned completely.
2. Removal of corrugated fiberboards, wooden boards, protective papers or plastic sheets, adhesive tapes, plastic hooks, window films, glue stains and debris is not included in the service. Baseboard waxing is not included
*Please refer to Service Notes for details.
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